Scientific Programme

The main theme for the 2022 congress is “Forerunner in Quality for 50+ Years”.

The sub-themes consist of Past and Future of EQA, Quality Control and Regulation and Quality Systems in Laboratory Medicine.


Past and future of EQA and QC   |   Quality control and EQA in different disciplines   |   Regulations and Quality Systems in Laboratory Medicine   |   Is perfect the worst enemy of good?

What’s going on with IVDR   |   Digital Future Part I – Cybersecurity   |   Creating good Usability   |   Digital Future Part II -Artificial intelligence

Read about the speakers:

You can find short speaker presentations here >>
More information can be found in the events mobile application that will be launched in the end of the year.


Keynote Speakers from Three Continents!

We are very honoured to be able to tell you that the opening lecture of the international congress will be a historical overview of quality in laboratory medicine by Dr James O. Westgard (Westgard QC). This will be followed by Dr Sverre Sandberg (Noklus) discussing improvements in EQA through international cooperation. Furthermore, Dr Mario Plebani (University of Padova) and Dr Tony Badrick (RCPAQAP) will address questions on both internal and external quality control of clinical laboratories.

Please download the program for the complete list of the eminent speakers at the congress.

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