Quality Control Reinvented? & Digital Health

Labquality Days is one of the largest international congresses in 2019 focused on quality and laboratory medicine. The congress is held at Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre. The 2019 themes are Quality Control Reinvented? and Digital Health. Come and enjoy the inspiring scientifc atmosphere and feel the pleasant cool winter days in Helsinki.

Scientific program of the International Congress on Quality in Laboratory Medicine 2019 will be launced at the Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry in Helsinki 12-15 June, 2018. Please visit Labquality´s booth at the exhibition and get your own copy of the scientific program.

Opening lectures

Opening lecture: Quality Control Reinvented?
Are There Westgard Rules in Your Future?
The Current Devolution and Future Revolution in QC Practices

Sten Westgard, Director of Client Services and Technology, Westgard Quality Control, USA

The Westgard Rules are state of the art in medical laboratories. Will the Quality Control however be reinvented?



Opening lecture, Digital Health
How to Utilize Genomic Information in Medicine
Today and in the Future?

Aarno Palotie, Research Director of the Human Genomics program, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland

Aarno Palotie has a long track record in human disease genetics. His latest acchievement is to lead the large FinnGen project that collects the genome and health record data from 500 000 Finnish participants.


Scientific program

Is It Time to Rethink the Way We Approach IQC and EQA?
Tony Badrick, Chief Executive
RCPAQAP, Australia

Commutable Certifed Reference Materials for Next Generation Accuracy-based EQA Schemes
Vincent Delatour, Prinicipal Investigator Biomarkers /
Bioanalysis, LNE (French Metrology Laboratory), France

The SKML Multi-sample Approach for the Exactly Right EQA
Marc Thelen, Director of SKML, Medical Manager,
Laboratory for Clinical Chemistry, Amphia hospital, Breda, the Netherlands

The Present and Future of EQA
Anja Kessler, PhD,
Referenzinstitut für Bioanalytik, Bonn, Germany

Max E(Nuf) QC Model; Incorporating Frequency Into QC Planning
Hassan Bayat, Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Science (DCLS), Teheran, Iran

National Institute for Health and Welfare Biobank and Examples of Scientifc Discoveries Encouraged by It
Markus Perola, Research Professor,
National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland

Bad Blood: The Rise and Fall of a 9 Billion Dollar Diagnostic Disrupter and What the Profession of Laboratory Medicine Didn’t Do(But Should Have) to Stop It
Sten Westgard, Director of Client Services and Technology, Westgard Quality Control, USA

New Risk Assessment Tools to Identify Individuals with Atherosclerotic Disease
Vilmundur Guðnason, Professor
Cardiovascular Genetics, University of Iceland, Director Icelandic Heart Association, Iceland

Empowering Pathologists with Deep Learning AI
Sami Blom, Application Manager, Fimmic, Finland


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