Helsinki in February

Welcome to Helsinki – a safe, cool and clean northern winter capital.

Between East and West

Throughout its 450-year history, maritime Helsinki has swung between the currents of Eastern and Western influences. The lifestyle in the second most northern capital city in the world is full of contrasts and fascinating habit cultures. Influences from both the East and West are visible in the city’s architecture, culinary culture, events, traditions and many other elements that are unique to the way of life in Helsinki.

Friendly locals

Helsinki’s open and friendly residents wish visitors, along with new events and trends, a very warm welcome to this dynamic and lively city. Restaurant Day, flea markets, We Love Helsinki happenings and block parties are all examples of the flourishing urban culture. Indeed, Helsinki is alive throughout the year. Most of the locals speak very good English and are happy to assist visitors.

Norther activities

Helsinki is an attractive and active year-round city break destination. The second most northern capital city in the world changes with the seasons and offers lots to do throughout the year. Over 3000 popular events are held in Helsinki each year. Between the two extremes of summer and winter, spring is a time when the days grow longer with breathtaking speed as nature reawakens, while autumn is a time of beautiful foliage and mild days with romantic dark evenings.

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